Inventory Sorting & Toggle Info ideas/issues

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Inventory Sorting & Toggle Info ideas/issues

Post by Yager (Ghosts) on Tue Sep 23, 2014 12:40 am

I've noticed a couple things that might make the hand a little more user friendly.

1) When sorting cards in inventory by R ATK/M ATK/R DEF/M DEF it appears that the cards are sorted by their base minimum stat values instead of by their current upgraded stat values. It would be helpful if this sort option took into account the upgrades and sorted accordingly. (NOTE: if this sort option is suppose to account for upgraded stats it might not be working)

2) When toggle info is used to show card info could an option to show GVG abilities be added? When deciding what to equip I'd really like to see at a glance what ability each card has. As it is now if I forget what ability a card has then I have to go into inventory and look at the details of each card or equip it into one of the first 3 ally slots then look at its GvG ability using the feature in the equip screen.

On a side note, can you make the red and blue text used on toggle info to display cards stats brights to contrast better against the card art? It's sometimes hard to make out what the stats are.

Yager (Ghosts)

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Re: Inventory Sorting & Toggle Info ideas/issues

Post by Assassino on Wed Sep 24, 2014 10:48 am

I wanted to see a 'Sort By Story' option


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